The SlimPlaster is made with aesthetic purposes using powerful substances with a proven and guaranteed effectiveness as for example: gotu kola extract (centella asiatica), proteins, horsetail, elastin, arnica, ivy, pineapple enzymes, horse chesnut, minerals salt, marine algae, collagen, caffeine, clay and many others which guarantee excellent results since the first sessions.

We guaranteed excellent results after 6 to 12sessions. The clients don't recover the results. The Slimplaster’s powerful components of great and proved quality have a permanent action. It is not about loosing water, which they will later recover. The SlimPlaster may be applied on any body part you wish to improve: abdomen, thighs, arms, hips, buttocks, back,etc.
You can also use the plaster masks on the breast, facial, double chin, neck and face.

The natural, powerful and effective cosmetic
ingredients that contain SlimPlaster, work directly and intensely on the zone treated during 4 to 8 hours. For that reason, only SlimPlaster can guarantee the best results and the high levels of satisfaction or we returned your money*

Only SlimPlaster offers packages  to the best price and with the greater quality and variety of treatments available.

GREY PLASTERWRAP (Slimming & Anti-Cellulite): Gotu Kola Extract, Arnica, Clay and Elastin.

GREEN PLASTERWRAP (Slimming & Anti-Cellulite): Gotu Kola Extract, Algue and Elastin.

YELLOW PLASTERWRAP (Fat Burner): Gotu Kola Extract, Pineapple Extract and Castano de Indias Extract.

PINK PLASTERWRAP (Slimming & Strech Marks): Gotu Kola Extract and Elastin.

WHITE PLASTERWRAP(Slimming & Firmming): Gotu Kola, Hidrolized Collagen, Methol and Alcanfor.


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